Concept of Optimal Performance

Your body and equipment have work as one unit to obtain 100% performance. Our Concept of Optimal Performance looks after every aspect to get you to the finish line as fast as possible.

Our programs include an evaluation of your biomechanics, your training program and your current performance level, your equipment and your health and psychological state. Remember: If one of those elements is not in perfect tune you will be loosing a great amount of your physical abilities and the event outcome will be not as planned.

All elements or out Concept or Optimal Performance are customized for the athletes, independent of the athlete type, performance level, sport and the training volume.

We work by custom appointments from Monday to Sunday for all offered programs.

Seat, knee and back pain are common symptoms due to a bad position on the bike. Our bike positioning address the bike fit based on your biomechanics. Throughout the initial consultation, we analyze goals and potential for improvement of your riding position. After an extensive ergonomic analysis of your body and your riding positions, we adjust the bike to the points that it fits you perfect and we also give you therapy and exercise recommendation to eliminate muscular skeletal and neuromuscular weaknesses of your body. The new bike positioning will enhance the comfort, performance and riding pleasure.

Running analysis

Our video running analysis evaluates in combination with a detailed questionnaire, possible problems and causes of your musculoskeletal pain while running. We give a therapy and exercise recommendation and advise on the purchase of the best running shoe for you.

· Functional test of the feet and ankles
· Foot pressure scan and assessment
· Manual diagnosis of pelvic position, the leg length and the SI-joint
· Neuromuscular diagnosis
· Assessment of the current running shoes
· Video based motion analysis on the treadmill
· Running shoe recommendation

Performance Testing

Lactate and FTP Testing is part of the performance diagnostics program for amateur-, competitive- and high-performance-sports athletes carrying out endurance related exercise. It is the starting point for an effective, healthy and economical training system.
and is primarily designated to analyze the aerobic endurance performance but also secondly to appraise the anaerobic performance as the test is carried out until the full physical capacity of the test person elapses. The physiological test parameters “lactate concentration in the peripheral blood” and “heart rate curve” are monitored and included in the analysis.
Lactate as a waste product of carbohydrate metabolism and our analysis gives you information about your muscular metabolism and so the current state of your performance and training.

Regular testing comparing actual and previous results gives information about the efficiency of the respective last training block. It is common practice to adapt the training intensity of endurance athletes according to the results of the Lactate Test. Therefore, the obtained data is the foundation for an effective training plan and with the test results you will know your training development potential, your individual training zones (HR and Pace for running; HR and Power for cycling) and you can optimize your training.
The Test Protocol can be customized or we will use standard scientific proven protocols.
The tests are done on a treadmill or with your own bike on a high performance ergometer. Our evaluation and consultation takes place after the test with regard to your individual training and competition goals. In addition we will create a sample personalized weekly training plan for you.

· Performance test with lactate analysis
· Individual, sport-related evaluation
· Example week training plan

Business Solutions

Do you want to increase employee morale, reduce absenteeism, improve the working atmosphere or reduce employee turnover? There are many reasons to do something for your employees.

Talk to us. We analyze with you the ways to plan the scope and structure of your sports project.

The individual care of your employees and the personal contact with each of the parties are important to us.